7 Ways To Stay Sane During A Long Layover

Traveling is fun. Seeing new places is fun. Waiting around in an airport for 5 hours? Not so fun. Layovers are just part of the territory when it comes to long distance travel, and can be a slightly frustrating time period in between “here we go!” and “we’re here!” The sooner you realize that huffing […]

Amusement Park in the Sky

Another beautiful day. Another adventure awaits. I open the windows of my Air BnB and feel the cool Mediterranean breeze kiss my cheek, an invitation to step outside and enjoy yet another day here in the Catalan capital of Barcelona. I brush my teeth, throw on some exploring clothes, and grab my backpack. I’m ready […]

3 Ways Traveling With Students Makes You Crazy (And A Better Professor)

You’ll learn a lot about your students the first time you travel with them. Even the students you’ve made a strong connections with throughout the years will surprise you with their obnoxious snoring, questionable table manners or intense fear of small spaces. You’ll see your students in a whole new light when you all leave […]