Art, Leisure, & Special Interest Tours for Group Travel

We at Contemporary Tours design our programs with the mindset that each opportunity to travel is a distinct and unique opportunity to delve into your specific interests. Regardless of the group’s particular interest, we bring a balance of cultural offerings, fun sightseeing, and leisure time to each tour so that all travelers experience what the destination has to offer to its ultimate potential.


Travelers gain a greater perspective of social, economic, and political life as they explore the rich history, see inspiring sights, savor the flavors of local cuisine, and learn the unique customs of a new culture.  Reveal a world of possibilities and immerse you and your group in enriching, life-changing travel experiences.


An Extraordinary Opportunity – An Unforgettable Experience


Music is appreciated all over the world and is a powerful language that everyone speaks! 

Musicians and travelers naturally delight in traveling to view talents across the globe, experiencing new cultures and furthering their education.

Attend cooking and ingredient-shopping classes in Argentina, Tuscany, or France and learn from the world’s best chefs!

Our experienced staff and network of resources will care for all of the details of your gourmet tour, enabling you to focus on your specific area of interest.

Do your members want to experience the charm of sunny Italy or the castles of central Europe?

A balance of cultural offerings, sightseeing, and free time will create a comfortable pace while allowing you to really experience the pleasures that your destination has to offer.

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