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There are no restrictions on where our tours can take you. Tell us where you want to go and we’ll help you plan the best routes with appropriate pacing between stops. Whether your trip includes one destination or multiple cities, we have the knowledge and the expertise to get you there as efficiently as possible, maximizing time for learning, exploration and adventure! Remember, we’ll take your group to any destination, anywhere in the world, including these popular travel spots:

Our Services

Complete and Comprehensive Travel Services.
Planning and making reservations for transportation, hotels, meals, attractions, business meetings, events and more.


Complete custom-tailored and flexible tours to enhance and support your academic program or performance goals. Our travel experts have the knowledge and the resources to plan every aspect of your itinerary form start to finish. Itineraries can be accessed through our free mobile app for Android and IOS devices.


Hotels are conveniently located within the central part of the city to maximize the time you have accessing the attractions at your destination. From 3 to 5 star hotels, Upscale hostels, to student residence halls ; we will work with you to determine the best possibilities for your group.


Reservations for round trip and local transportation including instrument transportation for performance groups. We have long-standing relationships with air and land providers throughout the world. Your group will travel using the most efficient means throughout the tour.

Meal Arrangements

Local cuisine is an integral part of the culture and central to a student’s travel experience. To immerse travelers in the culture of the area they are visiting, we carefully select meals that expose them to the flavors of the local cuisine. All Inclusive or Non-inclusive, the choice is yours.

Tour Manager

Tour leaders highly experienced in international travel and would like the flexibility and cost savings benefit have the option of deciding to travel with or without a Tour Manager.

Convenient billing and payment options

Flexible deadlines and payment schedules with the option to select participant billing, registration and payments are made directly to Contemporary Tours using our online tools, simplifying the tour planning process.

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