International Travel Programs

Contemporary Tours provides real-world learning opportunities that enhance every traveler’s learning, understanding, and cultural awareness of the world around them.

We create dynamic International Travel Programs that are unique to each group. Whether your trip includes one destination or multiple cities, our 45 years of experience brings unparalleled expertise and knowledge to a dynamic itinerary unique to your group’s specific interests. 

We plan tours for performance, educational, special interest, and religious groups!

Follow the paths of brilliant composers around the world like Bach, Mozart, Puccini, and Chopin with an immersive music experience. We plan trips for choirs, orchestras, marching bands, and theatre groups.

Travel enhances the academic objectives of any course by allowing students to connect curriculum to real-world experiences. To gain a competitive advantage in today’s growing global market, it is crucial that students are exposed to a deeper understanding of international business.

Provide compelling, powerful, culturally aware, and educational tours abroad with the support and experience of Contemporary Tours.

Give your College/University’s supporters immersive travel opportunities designed specifically for your institution! Whether a cultural immersive experience or a professor-led special interest tour, our custom programs are designed to provide new opportunities for you and your group to experience the world around you!