Asia & South Pacific

Your students will learn so much about history and culture on a student tour of Asia and the South Pacific. For years, images of China’s Forbidden City, the Kuala Bears of Australia, and the Taj Mahal of India filled your parents’ paper-bound encyclopedias. Well, it is not 1986 anymore and you have an iPhone! The images of the South Pacific are in the palm of your hand. Now, experience the crystal blue waters of the Pacific and the ancient ruins of Chinese dynasties that will outlast any product named after a fruit.

Embark on an unforgettable tour to Australia. With its stunning landscapes, vibrant cities, and rich cultural heritage, Australia offers the perfect backdrop for your travelers to learn firsthand about this beautiful country.

Immerse your travelers in a unique travel experience that will ignite their creative spirit and leave everyone in awe. From ancient temples to bustling metropolises, Japan offers an exceptional blend of tradition and modernity, making it the perfect destination for your next tour.

Explore Vietnam, a country renowned for its vibrant traditions and breathtaking landscapes. Your travelers will love immersing themselves in the rich artistic heritage of this enchanting Southeast Asian gem. 

Your customized tour is not limited to the above destinations.

Your trip will be planned by educational travel experts with an in-depth knowledge in your area of interest.