Amusement Park in the Sky

Another beautiful day.

Another adventure awaits.

I open the windows of my Air BnB and feel the cool Mediterranean breeze kiss my cheek, an invitation to step outside and enjoy yet another day here in the Catalan capital of Barcelona. I brush my teeth, throw on some exploring clothes, and grab my backpack. I’m ready to take on yet another exciting day in this majestic city.

The first order of business to take care of… breakfast. I’m starving and salivating at the thought of food. I run down to my favorite little coffee shop to grab my café con leche and a toasted baguette with cheese & ham. Simple, yet satisfying. Like a true Catalonian.

A friend of mine recommended this fascinating amusement park that is supposedly on top of a large hill that can only be gotten to via funicular…

Yeah, I wasn’t buying it at first either. Nonetheless, it’s real. And it’s called Tibidabo.

Twenty-minute walk later, and I arrive at the bus stop that leads you up a large hill to the base entrance of Tibidabo where the aforementioned funicular is. I pay my seven euros & head up to this Spanish wonderland of an amusement park.

Now, I have seen some incredible views in my time traveling, but I have yet to see a view of an entire city comprised of 1.6 million people with an entire amusement park right behind me. I was amazed, to say the least. Instantly I pulled out my phone and had to take a 360-degree video of the entire place. I have no doubt that you’ll all do the same.

Just picture being atop a mountain overlooking one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Full view of the metropolitan region. Mediterranean Sea glimmering in the distance. A ferris wheel, carousel, roller coaster, pendulum swing, and other carnival type rides. Small food vendors selling all sorts of goodies to satisfy your lunchtime needs. Heaps of individuals & families all having a grand time. And a perfectly constructed church, which gives you an even more elevated view of the city. Yes, awesome.

Two hours pass & I’m still walking around with my head in the clouds (almost literally). I’m taking it all in. Like how could this place even exist? I find a spot to sit near the edge of the park, which was facing in the direction of the city. Taking in all the beauty that is presented in front of me. My home of six months just sitting there in all of its magic & charm.

Sunset is approaching & I’ve yet to walk up to the church. This perfectly constructed piece of architecture was immaculate. I walk in, say my prayer, and continue wandering the rest of the place. I walk up to the next tier of the church to an overlook of the amusement park, which again blew my mind. Because not only am I looking over the entire city of Barcelona, but now there are numerous roller coaster rides & a giant ferris wheel in the foreground. Giving it a wondrous vibe & bringing me back to a special place. I felt like a little kid again. It was truly a merry feeling. It’s difficult to describe, but I hope that one day you too can feel how I felt at this very moment in time. Overlooking a place known as home, with the golden sun falling ever so slowly behind the horizon, only to bless us with yet another unforgettable adventure the following day.


About the author:

Kevin is an adventure enthusiast who has managed to travel through 20+ countries as well as 20 states over the past two years, all while juggling part-time jobs & obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Sciences. The devout explorer uses his photography & writing to tell unique, passionate stories about his travels. When he’s not hiking up active volcanos in Indonesia or camel trekking through the Sahara Desert, he’s most likely editing his photography portfolio or typing up a new entry for his blog . To find more of Kevin’s photos you can visit