With Brussels We Stand!

We are saddened by today’s acts of terror in Brussels.  Our prayers and wishes for peace go out to the victims of this terrible senseless tragedy and to all the people of Europe.  Today we all stand together and are all Europeans.

We find ourselves working diligently to make sure all of our European travelers are accounted for and safe.  We are communicating with families, and helping clients make appropriate itinerary adjustments.  We are also focused on our groups who will travel in the near future.  Working hard with the department of state, travelers, and organizers to provide all the facts necessary to make informed decisions.  We are pleased that both the US Department of State and the EU continue to provide us information.

It is the mission of terrorists to deny us all the fundamental freedom of travel and hinder the broadening awareness of our neighbors that occurs through travel.  They underestimate the resolve of the free world and the words of Mark Twain who reminds us all that “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindness…” 

Today in the wake of this attack and the Paris attack, we urge our government to take all appropriate actions to ensure continued safe travel.  Travel continues to be the single most important antidote to hatred and ignorance.  It is critical that we as a nation and a world continue to use our most powerful tools of travel and awareness to protect our freedoms.

The Gerber Tours and Contemporary Tours Family