Plitvice, Pristine Like No Other

After exploring the jaw-dropping old city of Dubrovnik and relaxing on the extraordinary pebble beaches of Split, it’s time for a bit of nature exploring.

Which is why Plitvice National Park is the next stop!

After exploring endless national parks across the world I’d say I have a general idea of what qualifies as a good park and a not so good park. Plitvice is most certainly at the very top of the list of INCREDIBLE parks.

I arrive at the park around 3 pm because of a late departure from Split. However, I’m still able to trek throughout the entire park. Upon arrival, you need to stand in line to buy an entry pass into the park, but don’t worry the wait is 20 minutes tops. At least at that time of the day. I bought my entry pass & headed straight for the boat which takes you across a decently sized lake to the other side where the fun begins.

Now if you haven’t been to a pristine park before then you will have finally done so here at Plitvice. The crystal clear waters mesmerizing, they make you want to jump right in and swim for hours. The waters in this park are so clear that you could easily see the bottom from 30 feet deep. The maintenance and preservation of this Croatian gem is incredible, which is most likely why they prohibit swimming in the lakes.

I know it’s a bummer. I was surprised to find out that unfortunate news upon arrival. Nonetheless, it didn’t take away from the experience whatsoever. A little tip, if you’re keen on swimming in pristine lakes while in Croatia you can head over to Krka National Park, which is closer to Split and can easily be done on a day trip. But back to the matter at hand. Plitvice is home to 16 wonderful lakes in which you can explore. And not a single one disappoints. I promise you this.

Perhaps my favorite part of the park is the waterfalls gently pouring down from above. Picture yourself on a neat, wooden path leading you from one part of the park to the other. The turquoise waters falling from above splashing into the lakes. Greenery surrounding you at every turn. If you go at the right time of year, the colors will change drastically in the most beautiful ways. It’s as if you were placed right in the heart of some otherworldly forest. I mean it is truly breathtaking walking through this park. Every turn of the corner is a new surprise of magnificently beautiful nature. No hyperbole here. It’s everything & more of what I’m saying.

Plitvice is a mixture of Alpine and Mediterranean vegetation where you will see a variety of plants & trees. For those who enjoy seeing wildlife, this too can be achieved, but during the low season as the animals tend to hide when the mass of tourists comes storming in the summer. If you’re lucky enough to come here when the critters are out & about you’ll possibly come across the likes of brown bears, wolves, wild cats & a few others. While it is rare to see those species, it is possible! You’re more likely to see the dozens of bird species throughout the place as well as many fish within the lakes.

Plitvice truly is a sight to see & there is no reason for you not to make your way over there if you’re in Croatia. The UNESCO site is a marvel hidden within Eastern Europe. Get there sooner than later because this gem is bound to gain a ton more attraction once everyone starts hearing of it!


About the author:

Kevin Czopek is an adventure enthusiast who has managed to travel through 20+ countries as well as 20 states over the past two years, all while juggling part-time jobs & obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Sciences. The devout explorer uses his photography & writing to tell unique, passionate stories about his travels. When he’s not hiking up active volcanos in Indonesia or camel trekking through the Sahara Desert, he’s most likely editing his photography portfolio or typing up a new entry for his blog . To find more of Kevin’s photos you can visit