“Drawn in” by the New Windows 10 Advertising Campaign

I usually do not find Microsoft or Apple ads too inspiring. While these two companies and other tech companies have changed the way we work and our access to information, their messaging has never moved me. Recently though, I find myself “drawn in” by the new Windows 10 advertising campaign. The focus is on children from all over the world and the acknowledgement that some of these children will be our future leaders. As a child advocate and a proponent of building leadership skills in every corner of the world I am intrigued.

For those of us who are honored to work in the student travel arena, we see this every day. A young artist is inspired by a trip to the Louvre, a ballet soloist is inspired by a trip to the New York City Ballet, and a US Senator sits in waiting after a trip to DC. We can see it in their eyes. Travel leaves a life-changing impact on every child and on the future of our world.

Yesterday, the entire country got a peek into our world, as 5-year-old Sophie Cruz’s father lifted her over a barrier to run out and meet and deliver a letter to the Pope. Leaving politics aside, in this moment, this child’s life, that of her family, and dare I extrapolate to all of our lives were changed forever. Yes, Sophie was on her own travel program, as she, her family and others had traveled across the country to see Washington DC and meet the Pope. With an assist from a couple of secret service agents and the Pope himself, Sophie delivered her message and in return received an all-important hug from the Pope. Later it was learned that U.S. Representative Julia Brownley invited Sophie to attend the Pope’s speech to Congress. Sophie had prepared her letter in both English and Spanish.

Today the world was witness to the unimaginable power of student travel. A place where leaders are born and relationships are forged. So next time you see the Windows 10 ad, think of your students, your own kids, or Sophie. The world is theirs now. Help them to lead.

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