Zip, sail, hike and climb to your next dinner destination. The 8 most exotic restaurants in the world!

These exotic restaurants are the perfect place for travel enthusiasts, foodies and adventurers alike. Whether traveling with friends, a loved one, or solo these 8 adventurous eateries are a must see (or taste!)

  1. Grotta Palazzese Hotel Restaurant – Polignano a Mare, Italy

It’s been called the most romantic restaurant in the world, but we would go here with just about anyone!

2. Labassin Waterfall Restaurant – San Pablo City, Phillipines

Shorts are encouraged, just look at the floor!

3. Salt and Sill – Tjörn, Sweden

Giving a new meaning to ‘catch of the day’

4. Ali Barbour’s Cave Restaurant – Diana Beach, Africa

Do we even have to say why dining in a 180,000 year old cave is cool.

5. Dinner In The Sky – Montreal, Canada


Careful to wear shoes that stay put!

6. Treepod Dining Experience – Soneva Kiri Resort, Thailand


In case you missed it, that waiter is on a zip line.

7. Ithaa Undersea Restaurant – Conrad Island, Maldives


Dine 16 ft. below in the first of it’s kind.

8. Solo Per Due – Vacone, Italy

Literally translating to ‘Just for Two’ this restaurant can only accompany 2 people at a time!