A Viking History of Iceland

Iceland is a country with a rich literary history, going all the way back to the poetic eddas that were written in the Medieval Ages.  Important texts from around this time include Landnámabók (“Book of Settlements”), which describes in detail how the Norsemen settled in Iceland between the 9th and 11th centuries.  Although historians initially […]

How To Have An Awesome Vacation On A Teacher’s Budget

Everyone knows that teachers don’t do what they do for the money. They don’t get into the teaching profession to make the big bucks; they do it to make big differences in the lives of their students. But all this world changing, lesson planning, test grading, parent meeting and classroom managing can drive any teacher […]

11 Eye-Popping Foods From Around the World

Trying delicacies that are unavailable in your home country is one of the many privileges of travel. For the culinarily bold, we’ve put together a list of delicacies from around the world that should pique your curiosity, if not your appetite. If you travel to one of the following countries, don’t be afraid of some […]