Country Description

Make Jerusalem your first stop, witness the beauty and rich history that draws visitors from every corner of the Earth. Nothing compares to your first sight of the Southern Wall of the Temple of the Mount (the Wailing Wall). This ancient city and its monuments are straight out of a Bible storybook. Bathe in the famous Dead Sea, King David’s favorite vacation spot. Then head for Galilee, making a pit stop at the infamous Nazareth along the way. Once a quaint village famous for the birth of Jesus Christ, it has erupted into a modern and industrial city. Brace yourself for the natural beauty that is Galilee. Spend a day getting your hands dirty in this rich, agricultural mecca. Then begin your journey through the holy land back to Tel Aviv. With its numerous art galleries, seaside promenade, and historical sites such as the Church of St. Peter, Tel Aviv will capture your imagination and leave you wanting more.

Israel’s economy is the highest-ranked in the Middle East. The countries quality education has led to its highly motivated and educated population, which in turn caused a technological boom. Companies such as Intel, Microsoft, and Apple have set up their first research and development centers outside of the US here. Israel’s industrial manufacturing also plays a large role in its economic success. If you have diamonds, chances are it was cut and polished in Israel. This country houses one of the largest centers in the diamond industry, making Israel an extremely unique opportunity for your MBA or Business students.