Country Description

Step back in time with a visit to Peru, where history is everywhere you look! Take a trip to the famous mountaintop fortress of Machu Picchu, one of the most fascinating and well-preserved ancient sites in the Americas. Follow in the footsteps of Incan kings and imagine what things must have looked like five centuries ago before the Spanish colonists attacked. Sites such as Koricancha tell this tragic tale. Here you will find the church of Santo Domingo constructed right on top of ancient ruins. Peru’s modern scene is just as culturally rich. Submerse yourself in the many museums, shops, and restaurants located in Peru’s capital, Lima.  Not many countries offer you the opportunity to visit ancient temples, snow-capped mountains, rain forests, and thriving modern cities within the span of a few days. Discover the magic of Peru!

Peru’s economy is booming due to its abundant natural resources that are exported all throughout the world. MBA and business students will be immersed in Peru’s growing global economy. From mined metals to lumber, this agriculturally rich country can easily provide for itself and others. Much of the country’s recent success can be linked to finding and maintaining a balanced economic approach. Like many of the more successful countries in Latin and South America, Peru has gradually found a balance between privately –owned and state-run companies and industries.