Country Description

Take an educational trip with your students to the Charles Darwin Research Station and transport yourself back in time to one of science’s most groundbreaking discoveries. Explore the lush Galapagos Islands and observe nature the way Darwin did. Back on the mainland take a short trip outside the capital, Quito, and experience the natural beauty that is unparalleled anywhere else on earth. The “Bellavista Cloud Reserve” and Cotopaxi Volcano are only a short bus ride away! Afterward enjoy Ecuador’s most popular meal, Llapingachos, back in Quito. Then spend the rest of your day exploring the historic church of San Francisco and the Presidential Palace. Whether your day is packed with exploration or you plan to lounge on the beach, you will be in awe at all the natural beauty this amazing country has to offer.

If you packed a banana for lunch chances are it’s from Ecuador. The country is the world’s leading producer of bananas and one of the leading producers of cacao. It also has extensive oil reserves which provide a considerable boost to the country’s revenues. Along with its export revenues, Ecuador’s economy also thrives on its tourism. Ecuador is one of the world leaders in the field of ecotourism; one looks at its natural diversity and historical significance and it’s easy to see why that’s the case.