Country Description

Experience the tangled history of one of South America’s most important countries, Argentina. Centuries of conflict between colonial powers and the indigenous people have left an indelible mark. On an educational tour of Argentina, your students will learn about the independence movement and the 20th-century leadership of Juan and Eva Peron.  Bring your students to head to the capital, Buenos Aires, to explore landmarks such as the Portuguese Porto Campo and the Spanish Basilica de San Francisco, which map out the country’s rich history. But don’t get stuck in the past! Modern-day Buenos Aires has just as much to offer. Be sure to bring your appetite so you can experience Argentina’s legendary cuisines, an exciting melting pot of South American and European flavors. Once you’ve had your fill of the delicious local food, hit the city’s famous markets, like the San Telmo Fair. Then, escape the bustling city with a visit to the Santa Susana Ranch where you will watch the modern-day gauchos in action. All in all, you’ll leave Argentina with a stomach full of delicious, local foods, a suitcase full of keepsakes, and a heart full of memories that will last a lifetime.

With the second-largest economy, behind Brazil, Argentina is an extremely important country in South America. Between the abundant natural resources, favorable climate, and well-educated population it’s not hard to see how the country has become a manufacturing powerhouse for products such as beef and wine. Tourism is another large factor; the city of Buenos Aires is referred to as the “Paris of South America” and was voted the second most desirable city to visit behind Florence, Italy.  One visit with your students, and we’re sure you’ll agree!