Country Description

Gain a deeper understanding of our country’s history through first-hand exploration! Start off your trip with a visit to the reunification palace in Vietnam’s historical city, Ho Chi Min. Then, take your travels to the Cu Chi Tunnels right outside the city center. Enter the mind of a North Vietnamese soldier, navigating the dark and mysterious tunnels used during the war. Next, travel up the coast to Vietnam’s capital, Hanoi. Here you will explore the historic Buddhist temples, dating as far back as the 11th century. Learn all about the evolution of Vietnam’s Communist Government structure and the changes it has undergone since the war, explore one of Ha Long Bay’s 1,600 limestone islands, and much much more.

Vietnam’s economy has come a long way. After undergoing political and economical shifts, the country has increased private industry and established stronger international economic relations. Oil and coal play a large role in Vietnam’s economy as well. These natural resources provide both energy for its people and a large portion of the country’s export revenues. The most recent contributor to Vietnam’s economy is tourism; since establishing better ties with Western cultures tourism is booming in this beautiful country. Find out why for yourself!