Welcome to Japan, an amazing country filled with natural beauty, rich history, unique culture, cutting-edge technology, savoring cuisine and trendy fashion. Discover it’s bustling cities, crowded trains, eclectic nightlife, and shops filled with some of the world’s greatest electronics.  The past and present come together as you stand in the magnificent Osaka Castle (the symbol of Osaka and home for the Japanese royal family for hundreds of years) and look out onto the skyscrapers of the modern city. Immerse yourself in Japan’s history as you explore the temples, shrines, and museums of Kyoto.   Discover Japan’s natural wonders and be left speechless by the quiet majesty of Mount Fuji, one of Japan’s most important spiritual sites and most beautiful locations. And then there’s Tokyo!  With a mix of traditional culture and a fervor for technology and everything new, Tokyo dazzles the mind.  From museums, historic temples and gardens to its trendy fashion and vibrant food scene, this pulsating city leaves you breathless.  Don’t forget your spending money, comfortable shoes, and an empty stomach, because you won’t want to miss anything this captivating and multifaceted culture country has to offer.


From its impoverished beginnings to becoming one of the world’s most powerful economies, Japan is a fascinating wonder. Accessible by North America and China, the location of Japan plays a key role in export, however, aside from the successful export of fish, Japan has little natural resources, and therefore their market system attributes to their success.  After World War II, the country underwent a rapid process of economic and technological modernization that led to it taking a position as a leading exporter of automobiles and electronics, which continues to the present day. Japan’s auto industry, with companies such as Toyota and Nissan, has long been seen as a model for manufacturers around the world (automotive and otherwise), for its high-quality products, technical innovations, and strong commitment to efficiency. Likewise, the Japanese consumer electronics sector has been supplying the world with some of the best computers, cameras, and other equipment for decades. The country’s production industries, as well as its financial sector (led by the Tokyo Stock Exchange), have combined to make Japan the world’s third-largest economy.  Their disciplined lifestyle, dedication and love for their country also contribute to the success of Japan.  There is a lot to learn from this remarkable country.