Country Description

A student tour of Cambodia will bring you to jungles, and mountains, and beaches! Immerse your students in the natural beauty that is Cambodia. Get lost in a jungle and stumble upon an ancient temple. While there you can’t miss the infamous Angkor Wat or Ta Prohm temples. The combination of ancient ruins and rich, natural beauty is truly awe-inspiring. Then, fast forward to the present day. Get swept up in the bustling streets of Phnom Penh. Experience the rich culture, with hints of neighboring countries such as China, Vietnam, and Thailand. Tour the multitude of museums highlighting Cambodia’s troubling past such as the Tuol Sleng Museum of Genocidal War Crimes. See for yourself how a country stemming from such hard times has blossomed into a vibrant and lively place.

The Cambodian economy has grown steadily since the mid-1900s when the country began moving away from government control and towards more of a free market system. Since then, the country has seen a considerable increase in foreign investment. With a booming garment industry, Cambodia provides clothing for companies all over the world. Tourism also plays a large role in the economy. With all of its rich natural beauty and historic sites, it’s no surprise that in the past year over 5 million people visited this awe-inspiring country. Find out why for yourself and your students!