Morocco, a Trip Back in Time

  From ancient medinas to camel treks in the Sahara Desert, this lively and cultured country offers a variety of exciting things to do. My first time here on the African continent and I chose the nation of Morocco. Rich with history, culture, and various landscapes, Morocco is a lovely entryway into the rest of […]

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Iceland: The Perfect Blend of Education and The Environment

Not many students can say they’ve explored the ancient land of Vikings, kayaked through glacial lagoons or had an opportunity to learn more about climate change and sustainability in a place where it’s all happening. For students with an interest in environmental changes and geology, there’s only one place that can give them a once […]

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Fiery, Feisty, and pumping with life! My heart belongs to Spain.

Fiery, feisty, pumping with life and bustling with an unparalleled energy – Spain has, and will always have my heart. A country unlike any other, one that vibrates with a polychromatic vibe, a vibe where Gaudi’s spirit emanates through buildings, a blend of languages color the streets and a certain joie de vivre lures you […]

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Would You Rather: Landmark Edition

7 Things Every History-Enthusiast Needs To Add To Their Bucket List

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We all have a bucket list.  The things we day dream about and can’t wait to experience.    While mine is not centralized in the slightest, it is all the more reason to travel to every corner of the world and back. Saint Augustine once said, “The world is a book, and those who do not […]

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